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Dynex Teflon® Seals
Dynex rotary shaft seals are designed to fill the void between conventional elastomer lip seals and mechanical face seals. Aggressive application conditions such as high pressure, high speed and hostile chemicals are all within our capabilities.

Click here for information about Standard Dynex Styles and Bore Retention requirements.

Dynex Teflon® Seals by Falcon Seal

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DYNEX RSS Advantages

No Tooling costs
Designed to fit existing hardware
Chemically Inert
Replaces Multiple Components
Proprietary Materials
Can be split in larger sizes

High Temperature Range
Kind to Soft Surfaces
Dry Running
Self Lubricating
High Pressure Capable
Vacuum Service
Cost Effective
Easy Hand Installation

Dynex RSS Operating Parameters
Rotary Motion only
Vacuum to 150 PSI
5000 FPM Max. Velocity
.125” to 36” Shaft Sizes
-110° F to 550° F Temperature Range
Shaft Hardness From 75 Rb and Higher
Liquid or Dry Media
8 Ra to 32 Ra Functional Shaft Surface Finish Range
.012” Max. T.I.R. (Nonstandard up to .118”)
Bi-directional Sealing as Required

* Combined Maximum Condition Applications severely Reduce Seal Functionality

PTFE Materials
PTFE (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene)

Key Characteristics
Temperature Range -450° F to 550° F
Chemically Inert
Low Friction, Self Lubricating
Application Specific Flexibility
Kind to Softer Mating Surfaces
Many Available Compounds
No Tooling Required
Large Size Range Available

Standard Compounds
10% Graphite, 90% PTFE
5% Fiberglass, 5% MoS2 90% PTFE
15% Fiberglass, 85% PTFE
25% Carbon, 75% PTFE
25% Fiberglass, 75% PTFE
10% Aromatic Polyester, 90% PTFE
10% Polyimide, 90% PTFE
Virgin PTFE
15% Mineral, 85% PTFE
Many Others


Request A Quote
We would be happy to provide a quote for a seal that meets your unique needs. Contact our engineering department.

Please use our Application Data Form to submit the requirements and specifications of your project. You may alternatively print a pdf and fax your completed form.

Click here for information about Standard Dynex Styles and Bore Retention requirements.


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