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Falcon Seal Technical Library

Standard Materials

Material Description Color Service Temperatures Deg. F
Virgin PTFE Excellent static sealing material. Primarily used in face sealing and cryogenic applications. FDA approved. White -450 to +400
Glass Filled PTFE High strength material commonly used for dynamic sealing, load bearing and support ring applications. Off White -450 to +550
Graphite Filled PTFE Primary material used for rotary applications. This materials low coefficient of friction combined with its excellent wear factor make it perfect for use on all mating surfaces. Black -450 to +550
Mineral Filled PTFE FDA compliant for dynamic food and pharmaceutical equipment. Off White -450 to +550
Glass-Moly Filled PTFE Excellent high pressure, high speed material for use on surfaces with 30 Rc or greater hardness. Abrasion resistant. Grey Black -450 to +600
Polyester Filled PTFE Low wearing material excellent in dry running dynamic vacuum service. Commonly used in air cylinder applications. Tan -450 to +650
Polyimide Filled PTFE Excellent long wearing material. Should not be used in higher temperature dynamic applications. Kind to soft running surfaces. Perfect for Reciprocating and rotary service. Gold -450 to +500
Carbone Filled PTFE Abrasion resistant material. Excellent for use as guide bushing and support rings. Also used in high pressure dynamic applications in compressors and cylinders. Black -450 to +600
TPE Thermoplastic Elastomer material used in static and low speed dynamic applications where flexibility and tear reisitance is required. Yellow -40 to +230

Bore Retention
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Pressure From This Side



Bore Retention Required



Bore Retention Not Required



Bore Retention Required


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Standard Dynex Styles
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Style X1

Style X1
Single Lip Seal 60 PSI Max. FKM O-ring

Style X2

Style X2
Double Lip Seal 150 PSI Max. FKM O-ring

Style X3

Style X3
Multi-Lip Seal 60 PSI Max. Air Purge FKM O-rings

Style X4

Style X4
Bi-Directional Lip Seal 60 PSI Max. FKM O-rings


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